Fuck Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde said

be yourself,

everyone else is taken.

fuck Oscar Wilde

what an idiot

i need to by myself

as if it were possible

as if every conversation

were the same

or meant the same

as if every person were the same

experienced the same

cried the same

laughed the same

or loved the same

as if i was essentially



Oscar Wilde,

i cannot

have chocolate con churros,

a caffè macchiato,

a croissant

a bretzen

an eggs and bacon bagel

with the same stomach

because I’m not




They are different

pastries elaborated with

different ingredients through

different procedures resulting in

different calories and

different nationalities with

different origins and

different experiences

they are different


and not



Oscar Wilde,

i must have

different stomachs brains and hearts

because my self is not



Author: Lola Isabel Rose

Politics and History undergraduate student thinking of pursuing a career in law. Honestly speaking, an individual trying to find a career path, a life goal and a continuously exciting routine in a world that often seems too big.

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