Daunt bookshop

Reading is daunting

or i find it daunting


they hold too

many stories




they are too powerful

what are we supposed to do?


choose a book

or a life

choose the

best book

the best life

the perfect book


I hate books

i officially hate books

i don’t want to hear about books

But let them not disappear!

especially my books

whilst daunting

always books



and opportunities


Hoping to always have a life to guide with a book, or a books.

It doesn’t exist!


it’s stupid


we’re designed to survive

And love looks like a devil

or maybe we just dress it up as one

we allow it to destroy us

and change our lives


we allow it to be perfect

when we are not


if we make love perfect

then there is no perfect

or maybe there is

a perfect



no idea what perfect is

but it’s not love

and it’s definitely not